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Welcome To The
Degen Yeti Ski Club

For thousands of years, the Yeti lived a carefree lifestyle in the snow-covered mountains, hitting the slopes by day, partying by night, and joyfully firing AK-47s into the clear blue sky. But at some point, “the good life” must’ve gotten a little too good. Because that’s when the human beings started sniffing around.

The humans were tired of their stupid and serious lives, where they were always working, losing their phone chargers, and yelling at each other on the internet. So, they left the intensity of modern life to live among the Yeti. But that’s when they learned something surprising. The Yeti simply did not want to be found.

The Yeti had fled into The Avalanche Blockchain, where they started a secret society dedicated to preserving their way of life. That society is called The Degen Yeti Ski Club, a digital paradise -- where to this day -- the Yeti are still out there carving fresh turns through Avalanche Hills, eating hots dogs, and smoking J’s.

Some time ago, in the freezing Avalanche Hills was a group of chill yetis. Over time they started forming into select groups. One of these groups, The Degen Yeti Ski Club is a group of yetis who love shredding slopes and vibing out. They are an exclusive club with exclusive alpha. Their parties seem to never end, and their growls can be heard late into the night. If there’s one thing this club knows how to do it’s have fun.

Everyone is Welcome
In Our Ski Club

Personalized + Unique

Each Yeti is unique and programmatically generated from over 50 possible traits, including expression, headwear, clothing, and more.

Totally Decentralized

You can join The Degen Yeti Ski Club (DYSC) through our collection of 8,888 Yeti NFTs living on the Avalanche blockchain.

Ski Club Access

Vault your Yeti to earn $DYSC - the reward token for ski club members.

$DYSC holders also get a say in the future the project. Head over to Discord to learn more!

Know Your Yeti

Over 50 possible traits, including expression, headwear, clothing, and more.


14 Options

Head Accessory

10 Options


8 Options


11 Options

Left Hand

6 Options

Right Hand

8 Options


1 Option


9 Options


Meet the Ski Instructors

Mr. Yeti

Head of Degen Yeti Ski Club


Head of Security

Tony Danger

Certified Degen

Cool ICE

Yeti Who Skis Well

Yeti Roadmap

  • check Yeti Staking in a PolyientX Vault to Earn $DYSC
  • check Open Minting Using $DYSC to Buy NewYetis.
  • check 500 Five Free Yetis Drop
  • check 5,000 Swag Shop
  • check 8,888 DYSC Party Time
  • checkRoadmap determined by $DYSC holders. (Join Discord)

But Ser?

What is the Degen Yeti Ski Club?

Degen Yeti Ski Club is a group of 8,888 randomly generated Yetis that live on the Avalanche Blockchain. Don’t miss your chance to the citadel.

How are the Degen Yetis created?

Each Yeti is constructed algorithmically by mixing a variety of properties with different possibilities in the following categories: Background, Expression, Torso, Eyewear, Hat/Hair, Left Hand Accessories, Right-Hand Accessories.

What is the Smart Contract for Degen Yeti Ski Club?

You can check out the contract 0x7acB68c...e7e1:  If you’re into that kind of thing I guess...

How do I see my Yeti after minting?

Go to our gallery view to view the Yetis in your wallet. Note: When staking your Yetis in a vault, they will not be visible in the gallery view. (However, you can use the token ID from your wallet transaction history to view your yeti on

Where do I go to sell my Yeti?

Don't sell your Yeti yet! Stake your Yetis at PolyientX and start earning $DYSC. Stake Now

How do I get AVAX to buy a Yeti?

The easiest way to get $AVAX to buy Yetis is to use Avalanche's bridge. Or you can find it on supported exchanges.

Why should I vault my Yeti?

After minting, head over to PolyientX and put your Yeti in a rewards vault to earn $DYSC (This is the social token for the Ski Club.) The utility of $DYSC is determined by the community, so join Discord to see what's coming next!

Where do I learn more about Degen Yetis?

Head over to Discord, that's where all the Degen Yeti action happens. Tighten your ski boots and grab those poles, it's a wild ride...

Degen Yeti Ski Club

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